Emily Hannen

Emily Hannen


290lb Barbell Deadlift

36kg Turkish Get Up

12 Pull ups


FMS Level 1 Certified

About Emily Hannen

I have been a member of ELEVATE since 2017 and fell in love with kettlebells, barbells, and weights of all kinds. I have found that strength training does wonders for the body, mind, and spirit! Useful strength improves everyday simple tasks as well as my own hobbies and endeavors of hiking, biking, and the occasional road race.

Turning Point

My turning point would be a failure of at-home workouts and a back injury I sustained as a nurse. I felt myself scrambling to find quick fixes, which lead to unhealthy habits and unsustainable changes. I was overcome with self-doubt and joining ELEVATE opened my eyes to prioritize myself and strive to improve every day.

Motivation & Passion

My passion and motivation are helping people see their full potential and continuously impress themselves. Be your own cheerleader and have a blast along the way of creating your best self!

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