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ELEVATE will help you build a stronger body and greater confidence so you can feel and perform your best every day.
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Life is better when you move well and feel strong.


Achieve your highest goals using the fundamentals of strength training.


Strength has a greater purpose.



Our semi-private training program with up to 4-5 members and one coach each session, is the program you need if your goals are more specific and you want an individualized program.
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TEAM delivers it all - strength, endurance, fat-loss, performance, confidence, and results!
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Main Programs

Main Programs

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Schedule Your Strategy Session & Get 10 Days For $10

We want to discuss your health and exercise history, fitness goals, establish your starting point, and make the most of your 10-day experience!

Choose the program & schedule that fits your life and your goals

We will guide you every step of the way. You will be supported by our coaches and community.

Build useful strength for an extraordinary life

We're here to help you build sustainable, healthy habits that result in feeling stronger with everything you do in life.

Trusted and loved by hundreds of Worcester Area Residents

Everything you need to crush your fitness goals

Class Reservations

Individualized Programming

Strength, Metabolic Conditioning & Specialty Classes

Easy Scheduling

4-10 Members Per Session Maximum

Elevate Strength Performance

Why ELEVATE Strength & Performance?

When a person can’t do the things they enjoy the most because their mind and body don’t allow it, they’re missing out on experiences and their greatest potential.

When a person has strength, confidence, and courage to do hard things in life, they will be more useful and create more meaningful experiences.

Coaches and members are both present to put in hard work. Coaches come in prepared to deliver an experience that is the highlight of each person’s day. Members come in prepared to make progress and adjust their intensity based on our four pillars of nutrition, activity, recovery, and stress management.

We actively coach for your best effort at each training session, create energy and action in the gym that reinforces why you come to us, and celebrate when you achieve your goals.

Conveniently located on Shrewsbury Street, in the heart of Worcester, off 290 and Route 9.

Training at ELEVATE is not easy. Getting there is. ELEVATE Strength & Performance is conveniently located and easily accessible in the heart of Worcester. Our gym is only a couple of minutes off of routes 9, 20, 122, 146, 190, 290, and I-90.

86 Shrewsbury St, Worcester, MA 01604
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Do you provide free refreshments there?
Do I have to be fit to join?
What payment methods do you accept?
What kind of movements/exercises can I expect?
Do I have to stop eating my favorite foods?

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Will you say "One day?" or "Day one!" Experience ELEVATE with no risk.

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